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2023.10.14 - caffeine underground, brooklyn, ny (with american water, kissy noises)
2023.10.03 - curious elixers, brooklyn, ny (with ashley adler, mick lewis)
2023.09.17 - pete's candy store, brooklyn, ny (with pacer, roome de dark)
2023.08.19 - rubulad, brooklyn, ny (with strothers, joebryant, sunbear, chris cosmos, dj look at my records!)
2023.07.26 - hart bar, brooklyn, ny (with tonsil hockey, the you suck flying circus, ciemme, swan real)
2023.06.28 - heaven can wait, manhattan, ny (with chris sunshine, roxanne)
2023.04.02 - arlene's grocery, manhattan, ny (with cora line, ciacada theory, sifa)
2023.04.01 - the dumpsterfire, state college, pa (with cora line, cicada theory, women's national hockey league)
2023.03.31 - orpheus garden, philadelphia, pa (with cora line, cicada theory, whackbat)
2023.03.30 - joe squared co-op, baltimore, md (with cora line, cicada theory, glorian)
2023.03.29 - the moonlight house, woodbridge, va (with cora line, alex alavi, dyeboy)
2023.03.28 - garden grove brewery, richmond, va (with cora line, can't help myself, shagg carpet)
2023.03.26 - the stoop, columbus, oh (with cora line)
2023.03.25 - the pleasant underground, ferndale, mi (with cora line, antibuddies, macho, former critics)
2023.03.23 - book club, chicago, il (with cora line)
2023.02.07 - bowery electric, manhattan, ny (with skorts, telescope club, callista garcia)
2022.08.10 - hart bar, brooklyn, ny (with theophobia, jim e. brown)
2022.04.29 - wonderville, brooklyn, nj (with the manimals, lucky witch and the righteous ghost, jay ackley, eric novak)
2022.04.02 - ghost harbor creative, asbury park, nj (with heather hills, trust fund ozu, driving underwater, blaise, type advantage)
2020.03.05 - jones beach bar, brooklyn, ny (with agua viva, lavender menace, american poetry club)
2020.02.04 - alphaville, brooklyn, ny (with special purpose, socialskills, carlsband)
2020.01.09 - the clubhouse, toms river, nj (with gasm, jwalttz, zack.)
2019.11.01 - the whitechapel projects, long branch, nj (with tru, tv tramps, easy andy)
2019.10.24 - fm bar & grill, jersey city, nj (with wardogs, marbling, david's pegasus)
2019.09.28 - the cobra club, brooklyn, ny (with flo petite, pretty polly, gene baker)
2019.09.07 - the footlight, queens, ny (with loganx, amy klein, hailey wojcik, huh, lnwd, church van)
2019.08.07 - the footlight, queens, ny (with lost dog, frankie valet, toobin)
2019.06.30 - the chubby pickle, highlands, nj (with jessie mccormick, batting a thousand, vx, skylar pocket)
2019.06.05 - little city books, hoboken, nj (with dave schramm, karyn kuhl, glen morrow, kate jacobs)
2019.06.04 - muchmore's, brooklyn, ny (with dahl haus, high fashion normalize, urges)
2019.05.27 - berlin under a, manhattan, ny (with gold casio, kinships)
2019.04.21 - pratt radio, brooklyn, ny (with poppa squash, yours are the only ears, lavender menace, peaer, drug bug)
2019.03.02 - asbury park yacht club, asbury park, nj (with the hell yeah babies)
2019.03.01 - guitar bar drum den, jersey city, nj (with rose image)
2019.02.23 - the dust bowl, uniondale, ny (with foley)
2019.02.21 - flemington diy, flemington, nj (with hiroshi jaguar, grace ives, jack whitescarver)
2019.01.02 - fm bar, jersey city, nj (with derek kroemmelbein, emilio guarino)
2018.12.02 - the glove, brooklyn, ny (with sic tic, toyzanne, more bands that I couldn't find any record of)
2018.11.09 - the stood, purchase, ny (with oh oh ecstasy, dealer plates)
2018.10.21 - asbury park brewery, asbury park, nj (with matt dubrow and the captives, jeff linden and the black spot society, the hell yeah babies)
2018.10.19 - the temple, newark, de (with chazing zzz's, matt granpap, aizhyy ko, bob botanist, din)
2018.10.15 - bizarre bushwick, brooklyn, ny (musical guest, plan b!: buttz n gutz)
2018.09.28 - the footlight, queens, ny (with spish, phil from accounting, thunder gloss)
2018.09.23 - the dust bowl, uniondale, ny (with krissanthemum, elephant jake, live well)
2018.09.22 - flemington diy, flemington, nj (with krissanthemum, mosura, nick bowers)
2018.09.21 - the saint, asbury park, nj (with avery mandeville and the man devils, where is my spaceship, not yer baby)
2018.09.19 - fm bar, jersey city, nj (with sway beverly, ruby bones, quality living)
2018.07.10 - pet shop, jersey city, nj (with diap, gherdty, blood blush)
2018.06.30 - tender trap, brooklyn, ny (with donkng, smock-frock, pom pom squad, late slip)
2018.06.08 - little city books, hoboken, nj (with tula vera, long neck, din, eli trakhtenberg, elevator pitch)
2018.05.21 - bizarre bushwick, brooklyn, ny (musical guest, plan b!: vice vs. virtue)
2018.05.03 - stevens institute of technology, hoboken, nj (with porches)
2018.04.28 - pet rescue, brooklyn, ny (with francie moon, no honeymoon, onesie, desert sharks)
2018.04.25 - manhattan neighborhood network, manhattan, ny (musical guest, the special without brett davis: mid-2000s indie rock avengers)
2018.03.19 - bizarre bushwick, brooklyn, ny (musical guest, plan b!: sex dream slumber party)
2018.03.16 - high hopes, hempstead, ny (with water from your eyes, krissanthemum)
2018.03.01 - the gutter, brooklyn, ny (with phil from accounting, lueck)
2018.02.12 - the silent barn, brooklyn, ny (with morus alba, fading not receding, pando)
2018.02.04 - pianos, manhattan, ny (with astrid kuljanic, din)
2018.02.02 - brighton bar, long branch, nj (with krissnathemum, the slims)
2017.11.18 - cathedral hall, jersey city, nj (with eli trakhtenberg, pinc louds, acqui, cicada radio, crazy and the brains)
2017.09.25 - pine box rock shop, brooklyn, ny (with ike ufomadu, river l. ramirez, erik garlington, squidssidy, scarlett cerise, geminemesis)
2017.07.15 - jersey arts exchange, jersey city, nj (with bearded twin, jeff lane, dandelion hunter)
2017.06.08 - dixon place, manhattan, ny (musical guest, the sexual pioneers talk show)
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