Hell, it's Brooklyn's SAILOR BOYFRIEND.

They are
striving for healthy and constructive
bleep bloops, really fake drums, and hollering led by Andy Waldron
with shredding provided by guitarist Alex Mercuri (Long Neck, Pom Pom Squad).

From participatory live performances to poppy visuals and tunes,
the two promise to hang out, try their best, go for it, make it happen,
and have fun as they tour and record at their own pace, thank you very much.

They've released two albums and three different EPs
and appeared on many different comps.

The two have performed live and in-person at the Silent Barn, The Glove
The Special Without Brett Davis, High Hopes, FM Bar,
and countless other venues that haven't been shut down or cancelled.

They can be reached at mailorboyfriend [at] gmail [dot] com.
They also tweet, instagram, and get distracted

This is what they look like.

Here are a few places where Andy got interviewed: video & audio.

You can read some reviews here, here, aaaand here.

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